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The concept

Puzzled by Iceland started out with a clear vision. We wanted to help families spend quality time together and preserve precious memories from travels abroad. This we did by bringing our products to life which were built around the traditional jigsaw puzzles, only we adjusted them to meet the needs of the traveller, made them slick and stylish and full of fun facts. 

We want our products to mean something to our customers and we believe they do.

So we decided to play a little with our concept which resulted in some completely new products being added to our Puzzled by Iceland collection. First there are beautiful scarfs with Icelandic nature and wildlife and then we have the softest fleece blankets with the Icelandic landscape and our one-of-a-kind Icelandic horse. In both cases wonderful gifts for various occasions and the sweetest souvenir to bring back home from Iceland. And to carry all these wonderful gifts we added some bags to our collections, backpacks for both children and adults as well as drawstring bags and reusable shopping bags which we like to use for many other occasions. 

We always emphasise that the packaging of our product makes it so that it's gift-ready. We thought it was time that people got something else than a bottle of red wine or flowers when moving into a new apartment or having people over for some good reason. 

Now more products are in the pipe lines and we look forward to what's coming. We believe that "anything's puzzible" and with that in mind we hope that we can continue to make products that mean something to our customers and help them preserve their memories from Iceland.

We value all input that people are willing to give us and would love to hear from you at

Best wishes,