Reusable shopping bag Eyjafjallajökull pink

    Reusable shopping bag Eyjafjallajökull pink


    The reusable shopping bag is handy, nice to the environment and looks fabulous - what more can we ask for? You can shop with style with Puzzled by Iceland but we recommend using this beauty for more than just groceries, how does the beach sound? Or the library? The knitting club? We could go on and on and on.

    Bottom line: this is the cutest gift that makes you and who receives it feel and do good. True story. 

    Material: 100% polyester

    The bag comes folded in a 13 x 13 cm pocket with a zipper.

    Inside each bag are snaps that can be used for holding the bag together instead of folding it and placing it in the pouch after using it. You can quickly wrap it up and use the snaps to hold it together and as an extra bonus the pouch can be used for coins, cash etc. when you do your shopping ;) 



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